Sugar – A Bitter-Sweet Story of Addiction

“The wish for sugar and other exotic foodstuffs changed the planet more than many centuries of history and conquests […] So many tears were shed for sugar that by rights it ought to have lost its sweetness.” – Maguelonne Toussaint-Samat.

Pepper – The Story of a Spice Familiar Since Antiquity

As far back as Ancient Rome, pepper was valued for its taste qualities. From the earliest times, faith has also been placed in its medicinal properties – even Hippocrates wrote about these. At one time, it was worth its weight in gold, yet later became the condiment of choice for the poor. These days, it’s difficult to imagine European cuisine without it.

Vanilla Blossoms at Sunrise, Only to Die in the Evening

It arouses memories of childhood in us. It adds a touch of magic to desserts such as ice cream, cakes and crèmes. It dampens the flavour of other spices, tempers bitterness and adds charm to cocktails. It can be found in perfumes and candle and tobacco fragrances. How did it end up on our tables? Why are its flowers pollinated by hand? What is vanillism? How much do you know about vanilla, one of the noblest and most expensive spices in the world?

Cinnamon – The Story of a Spice, Wars and Corporations

References to cinnamon can be found in the Bible and on Egyptian papyri, not to mention in Shennong’s legendary 5000-year-old herbal. Shennong was a mythical Chinese emperor and hero of Chinese mythology. His name means “Divine Farmer” as, according to tradition, he taught the people to cultivate many plants. He was also the originator of medicine and trade. Popular legend also credits him with the discovery of the art of tea brewing.